Subject Recognition and Approval

To start the process of getting a mark from another university approved, the following things are needed.

  • The recognition document
    This can be downloaded here. Alternatively, the course director (Studiengangsleiter) is also able to give it to you.
  • An official certificate stating the mark/grade of the subject.
  • An official document stating the ECTS of the subject.
    When the previous university cannot provide the ECTS grading (e.g. the university was not located in the EU)
    • please provide theCourse_credit score of your country
    • or another official document stating the specified contact hours (hours with the professor/lecturer) and the expected hours for homework.
  • An official document stating the content of the subject.

After getting your information, we will check the following:

  • Does the German Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs recognize the former university?
  • Is the level of qualification of the former course similar to what we provide here?
  • Is the former course comparable regarding the learned competencies?
  • Is the former course comparable regarding the level of practice?

After this check, you will get feedback on to which extent the courses in question can be recognized.